Anaamika Movie Review



MOVIE: Anaamika

CAST: Nayanthara, Pasupathy, Vaibhav, Naresh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Harshavardhan, and others



BANNER: Endemol India, Logline Productions and Select Media Holdings


This is a story of about a married NRI women, Anaamika (Nayanthara), who comes in search of her missing husband, Ajay (Harshavardhan), and tries to find him. Who is Anaamika’s husband? Why and how did he went missing? Did any one help her finding her husband? Was she able to find her husband? forms rest of the story and must watch on Big Screens.


  • Nayanthara
  • Interval Bang and Climax
  • Cinematography
  • Songs
  • Dialogues
  • Script


  • Comedy
  • Slow paced Narration in first half
  • Remake
  • Nativity


Starting with Nayanthara. She totally impresses audiences with her glamour, acting, and dialogue delivery. Simply, she is immersed in the role of Anaamika. Then we have Vaibhav. He acted very well as a police officer. Then we have Naresh, he acted as minister and plays a lively character and did complete justice to his role. Then actors like Thagubothu Ramesh, Pasupathi, Harshavardhan and others did their part excellently.


Anaamika movie starts off by a terrorist bomb blast, and then moves on with Nayanthara’s introduction, Search sequences for her husband with help of a police officer, interesting twists in tale, and then gives a interesting Interval. Until now, you will be impressed with interval, Nayanthara’s acting and the story. Post interval, movie continues in search of Anaamika’s husband moves with interesting twists, then emotional sequences, and ends with one good Climax. After you come out of the movie, you will feel movie is very good but slow paced narration in first half will bring your experience little down.

Cinematography by Vijay C. Kumar is very good.  Editing by Marthand K. Venkatesh is good but could have been lot better in first half. Production values are very grand. Music and Background music by M.M. Keeravani are good. Direction by Shekhar Kammula is very good. He took the missing husband concept from Bollywood Blockbuster movie, “Kahaani”, and implemented it with a different story. His work should be appreciated and applauded.


Anaamika movie is a Engaging Suspense Thriller, which can be enjoyed by all kinds of audiences but people who look for comedy and fast pace narration like Kahaani will be little disappointed. Thriller fans will love it. Others it’s worth watching!!

TAGLINE: Different Kahaani

RATING:  3 / 5

TICKET’s WORTH:  For whole movie, especially for Nayanthara, different script and interesting twists.

Reviewed By Akhil. He can be reached at [email protected]

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